Are There Benefits To Combining Your Liposuction And Tummy Tuck Procedures?

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Liposuction and abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, are body contouring procedures designed to eliminate excess fat, and improve a patient’s physique and self-esteem. If you are troubled by the appearance of stubborn, excess fat, you may be wondering which procedure is best for you. Oftentimes, the answer is – both! Combining liposuction with a tummy tuck has numerous advantages. In fact, these two procedures are paired together so frequently that this combination has its own name: lipoabdominoplasty.

What Is Lipoabdominoplasty?

During lipoabdominoplasty, liposuction is first used to eliminate excess fat from the abdomen. This step involves making tiny incisions in the treatment area through which a small tube, or cannula is inserted to facilitate the removal of fat cells using an aspirator. Then, a tummy tuck is performed in order to remove the excess tissue and skin that liposuction alone cannot eliminate. This requires two incisions, one below the underwear line and one surrounding the navel, to lift the skin and reposition it downward. The results are dramatic as both the excess skin and tissue is removed, creating a smooth, flattened abdomen.

What Are The Benefits Of Lipoabdominoplasty?

Reduced risk of seromas: One benefit of combining liposuction and a tummy tuck is that is poses a reduced risk of seromas, pockets of fluid beneath the skin. This is because during this combined procedure the ultrasound is used for shorter periods of time and the use of electro dissection is eliminated.

Reduced risk of blood loss: Blood loss is also reduced during lipoabdominoplasty as tissues are first injected with a fluid that contains epinephrine, which prevents the need for cautery dissection.

Reduced risk of blood clots: Combining liposuction and a tummy tuck also means that a modified general anesthesia can be used, which helps to prevent the risk of the development of blood clots in the legs without necessitating the use of blood-thinning medication. The intravenous anesthesia used also means that the recovery time is reduced and patients are less likely to experience nausea.

Reduced Cost

Combining two surgical procedures means that the cost of each procedure is reduced because the patient only needs to pay for many of the associated costs such as the OR fee and anesthesiologist’s fee once.

Reduced recovery time: In addition, combining a tummy tuck with liposuction means that the recovery time is reduced, as the patient only needs to take time off from work and other activities once. In Miami, tummy tuck and liposuction recovery should be as fast as possible to get people back out in the sun, enjoying their new shape.

Although there are many benefits to lipoabdominoplasty, combining these two procedures makes it a more complex surgery and may therefore affect the risks involved. The best way to learn more about each procedure and your candidacy for a combined surgery is to schedule a consultation. Please contact our clinic today to make an appointment with Dr. Craft, a renowned Miami tummy tuck and liposuction surgeon.

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