Understanding The Cost Of Your Tummy Tuck in Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are good reasons why tummy tucks in Miami remain very much in demand. This popular cosmetic surgery can dramatically transform the midsection for men and women who are troubled by skin laxity, excess fat and muscle separation. If you’re investigating the benefits of a tummy tuck for yourself, one of your most critical questions will be, how much can I expect to pay? The answer depends on the following important factors.

Miami tummy tuck- what type will you have?

Did you know there are different approaches to this surgery? Also known as abdominoplasty, your plastic surgeon may offer a standard, mini or hybrid version of it, depending on your consultation, exam and your expressed goals. These all offer unique benefits and vary in their complexity, so their costs are different. You can expect a straightforward, specific and personalized quote at your in-person consultation. In the meantime, we’ll help you narrow down the possibilities.


Most full tummy tucks involve significant removal of excess skin from the lower abdomen. There will be repair of separated abdominal muscles, reconstruction of the navel, and possibly some supplemental liposuction to help sculpt the waist and improve contours. This option offers comprehensive body improvements and will carry a higher price tag than the mini version.

Mini tummy tuck

Miami tummy tucks are popular with both sexes, and sometimes people opt for abdominal skin removal to make only subtle changes. These patients are ideally in good shape with minimal excess fat. They have no diastasis rectus (muscle separation) and simply want to smooth and flatten their abdomen. Where there are minor improvements needed, minor intervention is sufficient. Mini-Abdominoplasty results in a smaller scar, faster recovery time and costs roughly $1500-$2,000 less than full abdominoplasty.

Hybrid tummy tuck

This modified option is also called a floating or endoscopic abdominoplasty. It’s a useful method to repair muscle separation without removing significant tissue. For those who suffer from muscle laxity but have minimal fat or skin sagging, this could be the custom-solution they need. Prices will vary, and the methods are highly individualized.

What’s included?

In most cases, your surgical quote will include the pre and post-operative appointments you need with your surgeon. Your anesthetic and licenced staff, medical equipment and materials used, your post-operative dressings and garments, and your surgeon’s time will be factored in.

The geographic location plus demand for your expert surgeon’s talent make a difference to the procedure pricing. We recommend that you ask questions if there’s any element of your quote that is unclear. At Body by Craft, we’ll be happy to meet with you, listen to your concerns and help create a treatment plan that fits your needs. Dr. Craft will provide his personal recommendation and procedure pricing with a full explanation of all elements and value included.

Investing in how you look and feel for permanent confidence improvements is usually well worth it. We’re pleased to provide medical financing through reputable companies who help offset the expense of cosmetic surgery. When you’re ready to talk about next steps, let us walk you through it. Contact Body by Craft today.

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