Compression Garments for a Better Recovery After Your Tummy Tuck in Miami

Tummy Tuck Surgery

When planning for a beautiful, smooth recovery after tummy tuck in Miami, you can expect to wear a compression garment. Various plastic surgeons approach this their own, preferred way. Some use a large fabric elastic with Velcro, called a binder. Others have tight girdle-type garments which compress the abdomen like Spanx.

Whichever type or brand they advise, it will be worn for many weeks after your Miami tummy tuck surgery.

Why do you need to wear a compression garment after abdominoplasty?

The thick, snug fabric will usually cover from the bottom of your breasts to the pubic area. Everywhere treated during your tummy tuck, including the incision, will be covered by the garment. Most patients wear theirs day and night for 4-6 weeks, taking it off only to shower. So, why is this a key component of tummy tuck results?

You’ll reduce the chance of forming a seroma

It’s normal for the body to produce inflammatory, serous fluid after any trauma to the tissue. Seromas are a common complication related to abdominoplasty which can slow down healing and detract from results. When serous fluid or blood becomes trapped between tissue layers, it can form a reinforced pocket which continually fills. This presents as a bulge or pouch of fluid under the skin. Wearing a tight garment compresses all the tissue layers together, removing available space. At the same time, it also increases healthy blood circulation, which speeds up healing.

Especially if you’ve had liposuction with your Miami tummy tuck, you can expect some bruising to appear and linger in your midsection. The improved circulation a binder provides will also help your body reabsorb and eliminate bruising faster.

You’ll have improved body contouring

The best way to ensure you have an even distribution of fat and smooth belly contours after your surgery is to wear that binder nice and tight, regularly. Some uneven lumps and bumps can become permanent if they’re not addressed early in recovery.

Is wearing a compression garment uncomfortable?

Some people say yes, and others say it feels great. Some patients will say both at different stages as they become used to the sensation. Your garment will help to hold tissues tightly in place when you move. Your incisions, sensitive nerves and bruised areas will appreciate the uniform stability and protection from irritation this affords. In fact, as soon as they’re able to adapt to the pressure, many people choose to wear their binder longer than they need to because it makes them feel secure.

If you undergo your tummy tuck in hot weather and begin to feel sweaty, we have a trick for you. You can wear a thin, cotton tank top or t-shirt underneath the compression garment. Having a natural, absorbent fabric against your skin will help reduce sweat, and any irritation caused.

Learning to breathe by expanding your ribs and filling the lungs top to bottom will take some practice, but ultimately make you feel more comfortable while wearing your garment. With the tummy pressed flat, practicing deep, effective breathing helps ensure you don’t feel out of breath.

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