Miami Breast Augmentation Recovery – How Long Will It Take?

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Breast Augmentation

As you are considering a Miami breast augmentation to help improve the appearance of your breasts, you will realize that it is very important to understand the recovery process just as much as the preparation and surgical procedure itself. So, what can you expect during your breast augmentation recovery? How long will it take?

Once the incisions have been closed up from your breast augmentation surgery, your breasts will be prepared for recovery in gauze dressings. There will also be an elastic bandage and/or a surgical bra provided to help control the swelling and provide support as your breasts heal. You will then be taken into a recovery area for monitoring before being discharged to go home, typically after an hour or so depending on how you feel.

Before you are ready to leave our clinic, Dr. Craft will provide you with a set of specific post-operative instructions regarding care for your new breasts during recovery. We will also set-up a follow-up appointment to monitor your body’s healing progression throughout the next few months. You will also be given prescription medications such as painkillers and antibiotics to ensure that you are comfortable and that infection is prevented. After five days, most acute pain will have subsided.

It is completely normal to see swelling in your breasts for several days after the surgery, and they may feel tender or sore as well. Therefore, it is important that you follow the instructions given and wear the support garment around the clock. Depending on circumstances, patients may have to gently cleanse the incision sites and apply ointment or patients may be asked to leave their bandages on while their bodies heal. These instructions can vary, so be sure to listen to what Dr. Craft advices for home care.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

As your breasts are very sensitive for the first few days of recovery, it is possible that certain activities will lead to bleeding in the breast pockets with implants. Thus, you should limit your activity for several weeks following your Miami breast augmentation and only increase your activity levels when given the clearance to do so.

The total recovery time required for the body to heal from a breast augmentation surgery can vary between patients. This is due to different implant sizes, positioning and placement, as well as different surgery techniques being performed for breast augmentation by different surgeons. Patients who wish to receive larger breast implants will require greater amount of dissection and stretching of tissues, thus the recovery time will naturally be longer relative to a patient with smaller implants.

The positioning of the breast implant between sub-glandular placement and sub-pectoral placement can also cause the recovery time to vary. For instance, placing implants underneath the pectoral muscles will take several weeks longer to heal than placing implants in the sub-glandular pocket above the muscle. In general, most patients who undergo a Miami breast augmentation will recover from the surgery by 4-6 weeks and can resume all their normal activities while fully enjoying their new and positive body transformation.

If you are considering a breast augmentation and have any questions regarding the recovery time, please feel free to visit Body by Craft and speak with Dr. Craft to learn more about this life-changing process.

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