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There’s no doubt Brazilian Butt Lifts in Miami are very much in demand, but the body shaping surgery which uses a patient’s own fat cells is more complex than it sounds. In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, the results are stunning and naturally seductive. However, careful consideration, planning and aftercare contribute to shapely, lasting results. Dr. Phillip Craft is a body sculpting expert in Miami. Brazilian Butt Lift is one of his most satisfying procedures as it combines the artistry of sculpting and cosmetic surgery. Here are the top ways he recommends that patients can preserve their sultry shape after surgery.

1. Wear your compression garments

Your plastic surgeon will advise specialized shaping wear post-op which helps to conform to the areas that underwent liposuction and keep pressure off the fat grafted zones. Tight clothes, straps, bands or anything constricting which presses into new fat cells can injure them

2. Eat healthy fats

If ever there was a good time to consume more fat, this is it. While eating unhealthy, refined calories is not recommended, good fats like avocado, coconut oil, wild caught fish, nuts seeds and grass-fed dairy are all ideal. You’ll feed your fat to help it thrive.

3. Plan to sleep on your tummy

After a Brazilian Butt Lift, one of the biggest frustrations can be positioning for safe healing. Sleeping should be frontal, to avoid pressing on the buttocks at night. Even side sleeping can create unwanted compression on fat stem cells. You’ll be advised to arrange two firm body pillows beside you to help prevent you from rolling over

4. Brazilian Butt Lift patients need 2-3 weeks off driving.

When you’re sitting in a car, no matter how soft the seat, you’re not only experiencing compression of the buttocks and thighs but when you press on the gas or break, the pressure on your bottom increases too. For those who can wait for a full two months before driving, their results could be that much better for having waited.

5. Purchase a donut pillow

Even a small, soft inner tube or some nursing pillows will work. Sitting flat on your bum is another no-no for many weeks following a BBL. Specialized pads like these are designed to offload pressure from the backside to the thighs where it will do less damage. Frequent repositioning while sitting is also recommended.

6. Don’t smoke

Smoking cigarettes and other nicotine use constrict blood flow which negatively affects healing. Any time that fat stem cells are grafted into an area, they need all the healthy circulation they can get to supply oxygen and nutrients.

7. Keep your body fat stable

Significant weight fluctuations can have adverse effects after a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami.
Though the fat cells removed from specific areas like the waist, will not necessarily grow back there, you could gain weight in surprising places you never saw it before, like the backs of the arms or calves. Shrinking down due to dieting will also deplete the fat cell volume you worked so hard to establish in the buttocks.

Only a portion of fat cells grafted anywhere in the body will remain there. The percentage that survives has to do with a host of factors such as the surgeon’s technique, the patient’s skin, the overall health and circulation of the patient, the volume that was transferred, and how the patient cares for the area post-procedure. That one is in your hands, so it’s well worth taking extra precaution to ensure you see optimal results.
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