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Perhaps you’ve heard of the fluffing stage after a breast augmentation, but did you know that you can expect fluffing after your Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami?

The trendy look of a slim, hourglass waist and voluptuous booty is made possible for more women than ever with the BBL procedure. This nearly scarless surgery uses a person’s fat, from places they don’t want it, to pump up the volume in places they do. What could be better? Like every surgical treatment, there are pros and cons to consider. For a Brazilian Butt Lift, the full, soft and beautiful results are a waiting game after surgery. Here’s what to expect during your recovery:

Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami- the process

During surgery, unwanted fat will be removed from areas like the tummy, waist, back and even rear arms. The liposuctioned fat is treated and purified for reinjection to the buttocks. Tiny, micro-droplets containing stem cells are reintroduced to various layers in the buttocks. The plastic surgeon essentially sculpts the bottom to the desired shape by adding in fat in all the places desired.

More volume than is actually needed will be implanted because a significant portion of the fat won’t remain. The fat cells that do connect with a blood supply will secure themselves to grow there for a lifetime.


You can expect swelling to settle into the area and last at least a few weeks. Inflammation is expected, and that’s your body’s natural way of healing. After the first 14 days, a significant amount of bruising and swelling resolves, and the tiny blood vessels will be establishing themselves.

During these early weeks, patients must adhere to strict guidelines for ideal recovery. These involve staying off their bottom so no sleeping on the back, sitting up in a chair, driving a car, or other activities that could compress the delicate fat cells.

Initially, people tend to love their new bottom- even when it’s rather big due to swelling. BBL produces near-instant, dramatic changes, but they are not the final results.

Miami Brazilian Butt Lift- the fluffing stage

The inflammation which lingers in body tissues can persist for a few months after injury. It causes the skin to feel a bit firm, and residual swelling to persist. At roughly three months after BBL is when most people note a change in the way tissue feels. The inflammation resolves, and skin relaxed. Fluid retention and remaining stiffness disappear which allows the bottom to look softer and rounded while feeling much more natural too.

Like all good things, BBL results require patience, but the soft, full, curvy shape revealed after 3-6 months is yours to enjoy and show off for a lifetime. If you’re interested in learning more about your options, we welcome you to contact Body by Craft where we specialize in sculpting procedures that reveal beautiful body enhancements.

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