What You Should Know About FUE Hair Transplants

What You Should Know About FUE Hair Transplants

Hair loss is a common problem these days. In earlier times, this problem occurred after the age of 50, but these days due to fast lifestyle and stressful conditions, both men and women face this issue at the age of 35 years or even less. Lack of hair on your head makes you look older and affects your personality. To make your head fully covered with hairs, hair transplant techniques have come into existence. FUE hair transplant is one of the most widely used hair transplant techniques among all hair transplant techniques.


What are FUE hair transplants?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this procedure, every individual’s follicular unit is harnessed from their scalp. In this process, the hair follicles would be extracted from the area where there is more hair growth. And then, it is grafted to the area where hair growth is low. Due to the advanced technology, there is no need to extract a strip of your scalp in place of this micro-punch used, and there is no clue or scar of extraction on the head.

Advantages of choosing FUE Hair Transplants

Planning to take up FUE Miami? Here are some of the advantages of FUE air transplant treatment:

  1. Unlike FUT hair transplant, the FUE hair transplant technique does not have stitches and linear scaring. In an FUE hair transplant, a patient might experience a small circular scar in the donor area. But these scars are not easily visible, even on short hair or shaved heads.
  2. FUE hair transplant is an advanced technique. The procedure is performed with the help of automated devices and systems. These computerized systems make the process quicker and advanced.
  3. The level of discomfort reported in the case of FUE hair transplant is significantly less than other hair transplant procedures.

Summing Up

FUE Miami is a very advanced and modern hair transplant technique that has made hair transplant easy and less time-consuming. You need to consult your surgeon and ask them about any complications or prerequisites required for the surgery. We are one of the leading hair transplant clinics offering the best hair growth procedures, and we have a team of expert surgeons. Visit us at https://bodybycraft.com/ and book your appointment with us.

Brazilian Buttlifting for Natural Butt Augmentation

Brazilian Buttlifting for Natural Butt Augmentation

Buttocks are an important part of your personality. Brazilian Buttlifting is a natural butt augmentation surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure. That is used to make your Buttocks more prominent and pretty. The procedure is a fat gathering treatment, and it has become increasingly preferred amongst the celebrities who are famous amongst the audience due to their bold look. With the help of Brazilian Buttlifting, you can enhance your buttock appearance and have an appealing personality.

Brazilian Buttlifting Process

Given below is the detailed procedure of Brazilian Buttlifting :

      1. The procedure is performed with anesthesia, but surgeries, where the fat transfer is smaller, can be performed without anesthesia. If a patient feels sick after the anesthesia, they should ask for anti-nausea medication from the doctor beforehand.
      2. After this, the surgeon then removes the fat from various parts of your body such as hips, stomach, and thighs with the help of liposuction.
      3. The fat which was being removed from the body is then, Purified and readied for injecting into the Buttocks.
      4. In order to give around look, the fat is injected in different areas into your Buttocks; three to five incisions are made around the Buttocks for fat transfer.
      5. The fat transfer incision and liposuction area are then closed with a dressing in order to prevent bleeding a compression gammet is being applied to the affected area.

      Brazilian Buttlifting precautions

      Whether it is Brazilian butt lift Miami or Craft Miami surgeon, every treatment will ultimately affect your body in the long run, but this can be minimized if proper precautions are taken before and after the surgery. Here is one of the precautions you need to take before and after Brazilian Buttlifting :

      1. Avoid sunbathing for at least two weeks before the surgery.
      2. It is advisable to quit smoking for at least two weeks prior to surgery as nicotine can delay healing.
      3. Stop intake of all aspirin-containing products, as they contain blood thinners.
      4. Before the day of surgery, do not eat or drink anything for at least 6 to 8 hours.

      Brazilian butt-lift recovery

      The Brazilian butt lift Miami treatment is a lengthy procedure, and it takes almost 15-21 days to recover. You will not be able to sit on your butt for two weeks. While sleeping, make sure that your sleep sideways for some days.

      The bottom Line

      Want to get Brazilian Buttlifting from the best doctor. Well, you are in the right place; we have a team of doctors offering the best quality Brazilian butt lift Miami, Craft Miami surgeon visit us to know more about us.


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